Mercedes-Benz V-class

  • Дизель
  • Автомат
  • 2.2 л
  • 7
Mercedes-Benz V-class
  • Тип кузоваминивен
  • Двигатель2.2
  • Коробка передачАвтомат
  • ТопливоДизель
  • Расход топлива10 л
Стоимости аренды
Условия аренды

Rent Mercedes V-Class (Vito, Viano)

If you are looking for a large, comfortable, family car to rent , then the Mercedes V-Class is for you. It is ideal for long trips, business meetings, and just trips to beautiful places in Ukraine. It has 6 + 1 comfortable seats, a table for rear passengers, good music, air conditioning and a large trunk. Fuel consumption is relatively low and is only 8 liters of diesel per 100 km. Box only machine. The car is equipped with adaptive headlights with cornering lights, so your trip will be comfortable and safe. Rent a Mercedes V-Class will bring you a lot of fun if you want to go on vacation to Bukovel, Odessa, or any other city. So do not hesitate, but rather order a Mercedes rental and go on a wonderful journey

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Requirements for the tenant Required documents Payment options The flag can be
1. Age 23s 1. Passport 1. Cash 1. Cash deposit
2. Driving experience of 2 years 2. Driver’s license 2. Payment by Visa / Mastercard 2. Pledge card
3. Identification code 3. Cashless payment 3. No bail
The tenant is forbidden
1. Going abroad Ukraine
Departure to the temporarily occupied territories
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